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Multilevel bonus system for users

Our application distributes real prizes every day to the most active users. Raise your level and get a chance to win the most valuable of the prizes.

Presence of a Telegram Bot

The full functionality of the Al Chiroq mobile application is available in the telegram bot. Log in from any device in order to receive daily bonuses, as well as make purchases in Al Chiroq Market for earned coins.

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6 Сhances of getting a bonus

Go to the Al Chiroq app in the "Buy Odds" section, you can purchase additional odds to receive bonuses. They are available at great prices, buy and win prizes!

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Opportunity to win many different prizes!

Perform activities in our bot or app and earn coins that can be spent on additional resources in the form of megabytes, minutes, SMS, as well as purchase goods in our marketplace

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Al Chiroq Premium

With Al Chiroq Premium, you get even more bonuses, as well as a number of additional benefits, such as the choice between Internet traffic or minutes.

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Al Chiroq - is an interactive platform that allows you to receive various bonuse

The Al Chiroq application provides subscribers with various prizes, bonus packages, and also helps to increase the loyalty of the operator's subscribers and reduce churn along with the function of attracting additional sources of income.

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